Simple list is not working

I have been making apps thinking of users who do not have internet access, which forces me to create my own data source in thunkable, with the drawbacks it has to position the words properly, and I was using Data Viewer List when I uploaded them to the cloud working fine… And when I review them now I find that I am told I have to redo the blocks using Simple List …and my databases are gone, populated with Thunkable on all rows and columns, so I have to start all over again.

And now that I´m trying Simple list, I only get the list “working” for half a second, and disappearing in the backgroung. I´m using the same blocks that I used to with List Viewer, but they don´t work with Simple list

What am I doing wrong?

I don’t really understand why you’re setting the simple list’s text items twice (the first setting won’t do anything then) but that shouldn’t actually create a problem.

After a 0.5 second wait block, you’re calling a function to refresh something but we need to see the blocks for that function.

Hi, This is the function I´m calling.

which blocks are left over in the simple list? The List of Values or the Get row?

TRUE! I have removed the Row, and it is working


Those blocks are a little bit like saying:

  1. X = 3.
  2. X = 6.
  3. What is the value of X?

You’re setting the value of the text items twice, so the first setting won’t stick. The list of values block isn’t really going to do anything in that case. You can remove that.