Simple list clickable and non clickable list for paid and unpaid user

Hello everyone,

i am trying to selling video content on my app using paypal.

is there a way that i can limit clickable item on simple list. lets say 4 items are free they are always clickable when user pay the amount via paypal then all the items are clickable.

and also i want to provided the content for 3 months only. do anyone have a clue how to achieve it. what information do i need to capture when user buy it


You can check the index of the item in the click event.
if it’s over 4 then make it do nothing.

hmm looks feasible. any other suggestion… like we can do similar to Udemy some free clickable session and once paid all are clickable…

Just adds extra check if the user has paid.
E.g. if Index > 4 and user has paid. Then
Do something.

agreed… for that i need to put the pay id and user id in airtable and if user exists in airtable then show paid content otherwise ask for payment… is it the correct way of doing it ? or ?

would it be possible for you @sketch to provide me block code just for check a user id from column in airtable. ?

thank you so much for your efforts

yes that is the correct way of doing it, sadly i cannot provide you with a example i do not have acces to payments myself wich makes testing it harder.

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