Simple encryption with a web API

I am trying to figure out how to make a simple encryption block, everywhere I try and look seems to be using outdated version of Thunkable.
All I need to be able to encypt specific words that I set as variables. Just wondering if anyone could help make a simple caesar cipher…

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I’m sure you can do that with Javascript. Are you wanting to program it yourself or use an API?


This is a start to what Im trying to do, can any1 point me in the right direction of where to go from here. As shown in figure 2, it displays many solutions instead of just the one word scrambled. I would like it to just show the one word scrambled

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I would use an established algorithm rather than trying to create your own. If every letter is shifted by one, you should be able to do that with just a few blocks. Or, as I suggested, use Javascript since I’m sure other people have already written that code.

The problem with your blocks, other than the inefficiency of having so many blocks, is that you are creating a list rather than using a loop to do all of those replacements.

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See this sample project. It is designed in StP not DnD but works fine