Is it possible currently to treat a php file (uploaded to assets) like a actual php webpage?

Hi Everyone!

I want to implement Encryption & Decryption in Thunkable X, with some powerful methods like AES256. It’s currently only possible that I do it with hosting my php webpage, and calling it like & it would return the encrypted value.
Now, this method brings along the fear of hackers intercepting incoming data on my webpage, and re-directing it to theirs.

So, is their any way that I would upload the .php file in my app’s assets, and set Web API’s url to it? So the URL would be like file:///path/to/the/file?text=abcd


If it’s possible to do this, it would be possible to do ANY kind of encryption and decryption in Thunkable X :upside_down_face:

Anyone there?

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Hi, try use JavaScript

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Thanks for your reply @actech!

So, even after I successfully build a .js page for encryption/decryption, how would I integrate it with Thunkable X?

Thanks! :smiley_cat:

Check scrExchange or scrFramework7 in my demo.