Show hidden components in design view

Hi. I’m new to Thunkable and I have searched the forums and Google without any joy. Is there a way to show hidden components in the thunkable design view? I set certain components to be invisible until the user clicks a button etc but it is still useful to me as a developer to be reminded that they are there. This is available in AI2 and I have found it useful to be able to see where a new “screen” will pop up in the main window when I set the visible property.



Hey @rwplummer1yf4f,

Invisible components, by their nature I suppose, can not be seen.

There is a section beneath the component tree where you can see which invisible components are in your project (which you can resize, to make them easier to see) invisible components will also appear under the phone preview on the Design screen and all invisible components will be listed on the Blocks screen too.

Hope that helps.

thanks Dom. I am aware of invisible components. I am referring to hidden items where the visible property is set to false. I would still like to see these in design view so I know where they are and what they do. For example you might have one screen which shows a log on form which is set to visible and the main details, also on the same screen but set to visible=false. When the user enters his username/password I might set the log on column to visible=false and the main part of the screen to visible=true. But I want to be able to see both parts in design view regardless of their visibility setting.
Is that clearer?




You are quite right. The component visibility property should be active at the project execution stage, not at the development stage. If you open the IDE for Windows, it just implements the correct operation of this property: visible = false, but the component is visible on the work area.

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I dont see the component on the work area when the visible property is set to false.

I dont see the component on the work area when the visible property is set to false.

You are quite right. The component must visible, but component invisible.