Should I learn App Inventor 2 first?


I am just starting and I wonder if it is better do some course about App Inventor 2 on udemy first. Or is better to start doing?


The kids I coach (5th-6th graders) started out with App Inventor, but really wanted to build an iPhone app, since their parents mostly have iPhones. We found the basic blocks to be pretty similar, so their early learning in App Inventor translated over pretty well. However, for anything really complex, you’ll need to do some translating if you switch from AI to Thunkable.

Have you seen the tutorials on Thunkable? Those could be a good option. Or just jump in!

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I agree, App Inventor is a better for more complex applications, but Thunkable is better for an hands on experience and is a little easier to operate.

I always tried to learn things doing a lot of courses and this I wanted to start different. But I thought that if I learn complex app inventor 2 I will do better apps on thunkable

App Inventor 2 and Thunkable X are different products.

It’s a bit like learning French in order to learn Spanish.

Ok, maybe it’s not such a huge difference, but it’s best to just learn the builder you are going to use.