Shopping List for Team Shopping


Dear community,

here comes another thunk’d app. This time with more than one language.


  • Shopping List for yourself and team-shopping
  • Incognito Sharing for more privacy
  • Sharing shopping list with friends for contemporaneous shopping
  • Edit, save, load, send and receive a shopping list
  • Talk-component for editing the shopping list
  • Available in English and German

If you are interested you can find it on play store:


How to store user input data and interact them?

This looks great @Denis, which component do you use to the real-time sharing? Firebase?


I9500 5.0
but not compatible :slight_smile:


Dear @Domhnall and @Yusuf_Deniz

thanks for your feedback. Yes, it’s firebase. Would it be possible that this component also causes the incompatibility?


Is it incompatible or unavailable​? Have you made it available in all countries @Denis?



Just checked it. Now it is available in all countries. Hope it will work now @Yusuf_Deniz.


Due to some package-name troubles I have to republish all my apps… I’m starting with currently thunk’d ones. For this shopping list app it means that you probably cannot exchange your list with someone who downloaded this app later than the republishing date :frowning:

In the first post here I have updated the link. The old version is still available for the people who already installed it, however I will update only the new package – so if you like to further use it, kindly use the new linked app above. Sorry for inconvenience.


@Denis, this is great! I am trying to build something very similar, but using images associated with each item (stored and organized in a central database). Would you be willing to share your .aia so that I might study it?


Hi Denis,
Great app!
Could you please elaborate more on creating the app, or provide an .aia file?
Specifically, what is the process for uploading a list to the cloud, and retrieving it?
Thank you.


Do you have any source or blocks image I can have?
I need it for a school project, I’ll give credits for your work!
Hope you read this


still not compatible with any of my devices