Firebase wont work on my list app

hi, i am making a list app where others can access your list with a list id and password.
my problem is, when I make if pull up the password of Firebase it does not show up and also, the list wont save in fire base. I would be very helpful if someone can help me! Thank you!

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Hi @Pi191817, welcome to the Community.

Could you please give more detail about what you’re trying to do here? Screenshots of your blocks and especially Firebase would be great.

hi @Pi191817, I am experiencing the same issue with you. I created an app where you have multiple chat rooms and you can send messages into them. But when i press send nothing happens. My possible answer to this question is to fix this contact support,i think there is an update with firebase (the system they use to make such things) has an update but thunkable did not update on their end and this is possibly what stopped firebase from working. hope this helps.