Sheets: update value for row id: number of rows +1?

I’ve searched for a while here and on YT but can’t figure this out. I’m new so would also love to hear any advice on troubleshooting efficiently. I’m treating this forum as a last resort.

I’m trying to add new data into whatever the first unused row is. I thought it might work to do “update value for row id: number of rows +1” but nothing happens (screen shot 20). I have set up a workaround where I created a variable to store the number of rows and I increase the variable by 1 for each entry (screen shot 19), but then is that row# variable going to keep its count if the user opens/closes the app? I guess I could set some sort of loop that tests if the row is empty and keeps adding +1 to the row# variable until it finds an empty row… I feel like I’m missing something.

Thanks so much for the help.


Is there a reason you’re not using a “create row” block? That’s the purpose of that block… to create a new row after the last populated row.

Also, if you need to retain a value in a variable after the app closes, use stored variables.


Hi, Row ID isn’t a number like 1,2,3… it is an unique text like, 84eb245d-0de3-4fb8-8gf4-15f4039215c4. Thats is why your block doesn’t work, there isn’t a row id like a number.

However, I think that it is a good idea, try to use that.


You are correct about the row id if the table is Airtable or Local Storage. However, if the table is a google sheet then the row id is a running number such as 1,2,3,…

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That’s not true for me, I am using Google Sheet and on the one hand I get “” as a result for the following block.

On the other hand for this block I get the value of the cell in the sheet.

Is there any problem with my block?


Are you connecting to the sheet using the Data Sources?

The Google Sheet connection will always assume the first row id as number 1.
Can you show the data source tables in the design just like the screenshot of the data sources I provided?

Why do you need to include “generate JSON from object”?
Are you storing an object in this cell?

No reason but ignorance, thank you so much! I need to read the documentation more carefully next time. It just didn’t click for me. This is so exciting, thanks!

I can confirm that:



It is just for testing something else, nothing to do with my block.

Thank you - that explains it! To discover this did you create a label and set it to row_ID?

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That’s correct. After that I put the row id into the sheet, so I have a column containing the ID-s, so I can work with it


You can get the row ID of all your rows by using this block

Just make sure to select “ID” as the column name. This is a hidden column which contains the row ID and is available in Airtable, Google sheets and in Local Storage.

This will give you a list of all row IDs available in your table. and you can go through the list to obtain the row ID one after the other.


awesome thanks

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fantastic, thank you for sharing all of this

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thx for the hint, very usefull!

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Hey thunkers,

Had a quick search on the forums but I couldn’t see a solution.
Is there a way to use data viewer lists with firebase??

in the chain above I see all other option solutions, but did see anyone raise the question with regards to viewer list and firebase…

e.g. firebase calls do not have a rowId so struggling to find a way to reference the row in data viewers

Not to worry just found this thread which explains a solution/work around.