Setting the day, month, and year

Friends, please tell me, is it possible to set the date-month-year in the Date-picked component?

The crux of the problem: I can send the day-month-year that the user has selected to the database, but how can I get this information from the database the next time the application is loaded?


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Are you asking about the Date Picker component or how to use the database?

If your question is about data storage and retrieval then please specify which database you are currently using.

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Good afternoon.
Thanks for your reply.
My question is about Date Picker. I need to somehow set the date in this component, and I plan to receive the date from the database.

Regarding the database - I use Google Sheets as the database.

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Currently, you cannot update the date picker. It will take today’s date only.

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Understood. Thanks a lot!