Help With Date Picker II

I’m trying to make a date picker on Thunkable X using the webview component.

The first step was done, I can make the Date Picker show :slight_smile:
but the next step is to get the date selected and, for example, put in the Label.

I don´t know how to do this, and search for a answer and don’t found nothing …

My project:


Well, sorry to rain on your parade, but you can’t.

In X thunkable, there is no way for a webview component to talk back to the rest of the program; the component is missing the “WebViewString” that allows the passing of information back and forth that exists in Classic Thunkable.

Hey @xcmdirector :wave:

Perhaps you could make a custom one with the listviewer as a work-around for now?

What’s the use case for this component in your app?

The date in my app is to make a event.
In Thunkable Classic I used a date picker, and a time picker to set when will be the event.