How to set the date in the date picker and display?

I’m using the date picker to allow the user to select a date that will be saved to the local database. After the date is saved I would like to allow the user to review the data later and make changes. I do not see how to set the date picker to the date that is currently stored in the database? I have read in this forum that this is not a feature of the control. So here is what I’m trying to do but needs some help please.

I add a date picker control to the screen but set it visibility to false
I add a label control to the screen that will show the value of the date in the database as well as the date chosen by the user
When a user clicks the label I would like to set the visibility of the date picker to true and show the picker
After the user picks a date the app should update the label and set the date picker visibility to false

I’m doing this because I do not want the date picker date on the screen because it will not be correct. When I try this I can’t seem to get the picker to open up right away and I’m still left with the date picker date on the screen. How should I handle this?


So here’s how I’m handling now. I added the date picker to the screen and set it to visible. I also set the font color to transparent so it can not be seen. This seems to be working right now but I’m still open to other suggestions.