Setting map zoom on list of maps crashes app

In my app I have the clone function clone a column with a map in it. Setting the lat and long works fine, as seen in the picture, but setting the zoom this way crashes the app.

I recreated this in the app that I link to below.

I noticed that the last update changed some map functions. I think this is a bug that needs fixed.

I posted the bug here. I don’t know if that is the right place or not?

Link to the project here.

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Hey @ryan_hall_apps,

Wondering why you need to clone the map 5 times in your app?

The intent with this components is that there is 1 per screen. I’m just not familiar with any other apps that would have 5 (or 6) separate maps on a single screen?

Good question @domhnallohanlon.

I am creating a scavenger hunt type app and I want the user to see where they are going when they choose a game. It is similar to how youtube is set up instead of videos it is maps.

I know they are “heavy” but they are worth it for my use.

  1. User experience. Users can interact with the maps more and see if they are near a map.

  2. I can input lat and long in my db and it will automatically update the map components in which ever city I need. I don’t have to make an image of a map each time.