Set Variable - What conditions make it to separate out and why does it not work?


This is bit of strange question please pardon me.

Documentation recommends that if you do, “set app variable jsonobj” then if you want to use you should call it as a plugin “app variable jsonobj”. Yes this works. I was doing something (I forgot what I did) and suddenly I had this “jsonobj” as a plugin by itself as you can see. I tried using it instead of “app variable jsonobj” that did not work. I clicked it, it allowed me to change its name. My question how did I mange to get jsonobj as a standalone plugin (It is as though I did a initialize app variable) and how come I cant use it? If this is Thunkable bug then I will refile it. Documentation does not talk about Renaming variables. Please clarify

It’s not a bug. And it’s a little hard to explain since I’m on my phone but it sounds like you created a loop variable and also created an app variable with the same name, which is confusing.

That drop-down menu shows the loop variables only.

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Hi Tatiang,

I think you are right. When you create a loop variable Thunkable does get bit disoriented. I have seen in the past too, it is not as rigorous as C++ in syntax error reporting. One got to be real careful. The loop variable is j the set app variable is jsonobj but Thunkable back end mixed it I guess. No problem I will be careful. Thanks a lot for the insight.


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