Set Map marker to mark every business

I was wondering if there is any way to code the map to mark every X type of business instead of having to set the marker yourself? Say I wanted the map to show every dentist in their area? Is that possible or no?

Hey @huntermclarkn - that sound’s like a cool feature, but at the moment it’s the type of thing that you’d have to code up yourself.

A spreadsheet is ideal for storing lat/lng/description etc.

Do you know how many businesses you want to add to your project?

Well I was looking to have it be any of them in essentially any location. But I think instead I am going to link to open their maps, open to a website or just leave it for now. It would not be a make or break feature to the app

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I have used a helper app I created to find lat and long of locations. However, you can do what you need by changing the code to your needs.

I used open cage geocoder api.

It pulls all search criteria for information entered and is very simple. You will just need to sort and get what you need. I have attached a pic of code I have used so you can get started a little quicker if you go this route.

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