Map of Business Location

This seems so simple but I’m having trouble finding a tutorial to display a map with a marker of the address.
I’m working on an app for a business and all I want to do is show the location of the business like in the image.!


Hi @Steveo

Check out the Ride sample app which gives examples of how to display locations on the map.

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I am determined to become a pro soon at Thunkable and app development but I’m not there yet. The example is good but has a bunch of things that do not apply to what I’m doing so I have no idea how to edit this to just be able to display just the map. Please show me a simple example of what I need without the extras. Do I need to connect to a database for displaying one location? This is confusing to me.

Hi @domhnallohanlon!

Is it only for PRO members?


Interesting… let me check with @albert and get back to you!

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Thanks :smiley:

Try the link again – I set the project to public.


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Not yet :frowning:.


Yeah it’s still only private

Any news @albert and @domhnallohanlon?

Hi there

Apologies for the confusion. Can you try this link instead?

The previous link was set to private since it had some private API keys -



Perfect! Thanks :smiley: