How can we make our current location visible to others with a pin on google maps?

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plsss everyoneee it is urgenttt!!

If you’re in a hurry, you could get help from Thunkable Support or you could pay someone to help you. Otherwise, the folks here are users just like you and some of us have busy lives!

For what you’re wanting to do, you would need to share your location to the cloud and then retrieve it from every instance of your app. Say more about what you’re wanting to do…

So basically we created an app where you can see your live location but when you press on it it should get you to google maps where you can see your live location as well, but it doesnt. It only shows the area you’re in. Is there a way we can do it with an api??

and how can we share the location with the cloud??

I don’t really understand this. Isn’t your live location the same as the area you’re in? How are those different? Is it just not showing the marker on the Google Map?

You can store the green latitude and longitude blocks in a data source (Google Sheets, Airtable, Firebase). And then configure blocks in Thunkable to get that data and refresh the map (add markers, etc.). What I’m describing is not simple. It’s probably a few hours of work if you’re new to Thunkable.

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