Set label's text not working for me!

@domhnallohanlon I need an urgent fix for this. I can’t shut down my computer because I’ll lose all my code. Changes are not reflecting, and I’m not able to close any of my Thunkable tabs. This has been happening for 2 days, and both nights I haven’t shut down my computer.

exactly, I guess you need to restart your system. But, maybe you will need to write everything again
Are you using this component like setting the text of this component in code or while designing?

One thing you can try is to open a new tab and then open your project again. Then you can see if those changes have saved. And take lots of screenshots before you do that in case you have to re-construct everything.


My laptop does have issues updating thunkable too. If this is a bug, please fix it. A while ago, I was making my quiz app and I casually reloaded my device, and then maybe 50-100 blocks were not saved (it’s better now, thankfully)!!!

P.S. When i try on my Chromebook it updates fine. Maybe use another device?

I’ve tried that. One of my screens went from 450 to 420.