Seeking some design feedback for pop-up and strikethrough

Checkout these animations and seamless cross-outs of the todo items.

Obviously, there’s a lot left to do but it’s a start. Replacing my been remixed more than 501 times!
get it here

I’d love your feedback!

If you wanna check out the new project, be sure to open it on your phone.
See the new project here


This is a really nice effect! And kind of you to share it with everyone.

I’m sad I can’t replicate this in the Drag and Drop interface (there is no way to set a component’s height dynamically using blocks) but at least it works in the Snap to Place one.

There’s a little glitch on my phone when it closes the pop-up. It jumps/flickers a little bit. Not a big deal but since you asked for feedback I thought I’d mention it.


Hello, this system works well on screens with very little content but when you have a lot of blocks and images etc the system is much slower to display.
I had implemented it on a dropdown a long time ago but it is not fluid.

This is a good job


Thank you!

I’d be interested to see a screen that is slower to display.

for me, to speed things up, I simply reduce the wait time. does that not work for you?

i have this action occur on a screen that is made of at least 2,300 blocks. no issue there


@tatiang Thank you for that feedback!

I have implemented a tiny update to the code that seems to rectify the sitch (for the most part)


Hi @jared I try to show you this as soon as possible

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It looks really good now!

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Finally it does not depend on the project but rather on the support on the iphone 6 it seems is very slow when the screen performs other task at the same time.

I’m struggling to get any of the components inside of the pop up to show up. It’s probably a positioning issue but I’ve tried a few different things and only the pop up row (I know you used a column instead) appears… but at least that part works.

Any advice for getting embedded components to appear? For example the “Image pop up” or “Column2” in my components tree: