Thunkable Animated drop down search bar

Note: gif doesn’t show end animations.

Here is the project link:

All buttons are functional.

I know animation as such isn’t supported in Thunkable X, but I thought that I could show an okay workaround if you wanted to try this? I believe this may lag on some devices though. The concept still shows. :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think. This was a fun little experiment.


looks cool but yes as you said Only for fast devices :joy:

in my cellphone is laggy :laughing:

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I find if you remove the “animations” from the 3 buttons on the left it is not so bad.

yes! but It will lose the half of the animation :pensive:

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Great idea @eoinparkinson! I used this for a custom popup dialog with a list viewer.

giphy (2)

the code is super simple


At least you thought about the style :stuck_out_tongue: I think something like this works as long as you do not overkill the “animation”.

Thanks, @eoinparkinson! :+1: Nice Work!

@jared Thanks for directly posting the blocks - I am lazy enough to open and view the project :grin:

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its link is not working,and animations…are supported

The code is above ^^^^


Apologies the project was probably deleted. I had a major cleanup on my account with old projects. @jared has kindly posted the exact solution above. Share your results here!

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@eoinparkinson Can’t wait to add this to my project. How useful! Thank you!

And thanks, @jared for keeping the code alive.


Thanks, that is helpful your pop in .

@tchind @eoinparkinson
> Blockquote

How did you get the list to overlay the rest of the screen components?