Seashell language model reply generator and extended word filtering

Here’s a real quick reply generator I made. To expand it would require a serious plan. Either each word gets entered and you check each row OR you make a category list and then check each list to see if it contains the typed in word. then you could call that category from your table and it could pick out a reply. Just my quick thoughts. Not sure if thats what youre thinking or not.


This would work, it’s not the most efficient to enter 9 items into each row of a dataset but yes, it would work. The only thing is, we need a better language filter that can find any occurrence of any word marked N/NO in the dataset, not just the first. I’ll see what I can do about that, but yes, creating a language model is a lot of work. This is mainly a test for fun, learning and just to see what I can and can’t make with Thunkable, but I plan to expand it over time if it works. I’m willing to spend a lot of time on this project.

I’ll also need a minor spelling checker that can detect small spelling issues like tihs. But we’ll get to that part later. I was thinking of one more column with possible spelling errors, but don’t worry about that right now.

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