Search the names after filled the text input and shows the names list after filling the text input


I am currently doing a counseling app for impairment visual. I am currently having problem with the registered user who filled their names. The registered user name and all the details should be resulted in one screen. Also to add more, I also would like having the registered user all the names in one screen or in one list. If possible, it can be edited too.

Much appreciated for your help. Would love to solve this problem as fast as possible.

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What is the problem you’re having here? What have you tried already? What exactly is and is not working?

How are you storing that information? In a local data source? Google Sheet? Airtable? Firebase?

If you have the names in a column in a data source, you can attach the list of values block from the Data Sources drawer to the set simple_list's text items block to display those names.

I am sorry it sounds rude for asking it as fast as possible. I stored the information in airtable but i have not filled the airtable with registered user yet

this is the screen it supposed to be

With all due respect, showing what it should look like is like going to a car mechanic, telling them you have a broken car at home and then pointing to a new car on the street and saying “that’s how my car should look.”

In order for me to help you, I would need an answer to all of the questions I asked you. And then screenshots of your blocks or a link to your project so I know how you’ve set it up. Otherwise, it’s like the broken car at home… I can’t see it or figure out what’s wrong with it.

I also gave you a possible solution:

Did you try it? Did it work?

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Thanks so much!

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