Airtable get all row and showing to list view

the last “from label5 set text …” would be “from listviewer set text to …”

but nothing comes up in the list viewer. I connected this with airtable.

I want to make the names pop up in list viewer when the user(email) is yours and the type of data is a certain thing.
How do I solve this?

Thanks for posting your question @lsylcy0307fl!! Welcome to the community :open_hands: :sun_with_face:

are you sure the variable “stored email” contains a value? Has someone actually signed in when you are testing this? Try exchanging that variable for a text block that contains a written out an email you know is in airtable and see if this helps. Also, I have been having issues with one of my users. her phone adds spaces after everything she types so when she got a new phone, she was unable to see her old data until she added a space to the end all of her search parameters

I moved this post to the appropriate forum. Your blocks appear to be from the X platform!

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Hi! The first row does not have a value so I made sure to go to the next iteration when the user is empty. Rest of the values are in the table.

But, when you load this screen to test it. Do you sign into your app or does the screen load without needing to sign in

You need to sign in, so as you sign in,

Ok. Would you like to share a copy of the app? I could check it out sometime tonight or tomorrow and tinker