Search does not work when using the bottom navigation

I live in a common residence, and a small library is running in this space.
I’m making a simple webpage that makes it easy to check and search for books in my library.
There are quite a few categories of books, so they are organized to be classified by the bottom navigation, and the database is configured using an airtable.
In the first category, it was confirmed that data view and search using AirTable were normal, and other categories were made in the same structure with the same configuration.
But from the second tab, the search doesn’t work.
I’ve made the project public, so I’d appreciate it if you could check it out and let me know if there’s something I’ve set incorrectly.

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This is a great use for Thunkable! :slight_smile:

Is your list viewer supposed to show all items that do not match the search text? Because that’s what it looks like those blocks will do with the break out of loop block.

Also, telling us that something “doesn’t work” is never enough detail about the issue. What do you mean that the search doesn’t work? Is it blank? Does it return the wrong value? How do you know? What have you tried in order to debug it (wait blocks, label value changes, etc.)? If the search did work (as on the other screen), what would be the expected result?


See this sample app. You can use the same coding blocks to achieve what you want.

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