My Search Function Has Suddenly Stopped Working

Hi all,

I have run into an issue where my search function only works after the first failed attempt. AKA, I search for ‘Bacon’ and nothing appears. I clear the search and try again and it works perfectly. Does anybody have any clue what the issue may be? Here is a shot of my blocks:

Thank you all :slight_smile:

It looks like youre adding “Bacon” to the list that its checking. My guess would be the list you are checking isnt populating correctly. Have you added a listviewer to make sure that after the list data loads it is actually there?

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Hi Sam,

I’ve attached a gif below that shows the issue, notice that the list populates fine pre-search, then after the first search nothing. Once the list is reset and search cleared, the search function begins to work again…

Any ideas?


We also have a sample app with search capabilities here:

That might be a useful reference for you?

That is odd. I’m not sure then. Sorry.

Hi @domhnallohanlon,

Thank you for this, I had trouble with that setup when using a database list before which is why I have opted for the current means that @kartik14 showed me. Unfortunately it has suddenly started to struggle - interestingly, it seems as though I need to press the search button twice for it to work. It’s also skipping some search results which is unusual. Such as, it’ll pick up the word ‘roll’ in ‘Vegan roll’ but not ‘Sausage roll’.

Any ideas?

I’ve now tried this version of the search feature out and it seems to be working well for me now, definitely slower than the other one I had but at least I don’t have to press search twice!