Search and showcase search results

Friends, I need your help.

There are several lists:

  1. User ID
    2.the city - from which he is traveling
    3.the city - where is he going

I cannot figure out how to organize the search and delivery of ready-made information.
You need to do something so that the system searches for a match by several parameters, and matches are displayed as list items on the screen.

Can you give a general idea of ​​how to correctly implement this in the form of blocks?

Should it be done like:

  1. We receive a search query (city - from where, city - where, etc.)
  2. Checking the list “City-from where”
  3. If we find a match - check this ID further - whether “City - where” matches …
    ?? I have a dead end :frowning:


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Google vlookup Thunkable and you’ll find some tutorials

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See this example.

Click “Use Multi-selection screen” to see the example and how it works.

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Thank you for your responses.
But this, unfortunately, is not the option that I need :frowning: (I, as always, did not describe the problem very well).

My task:
The user, using the drop-down menu, selects the city from which he is traveling (1) and the city to which he is traveling (2).

He presses the SEARCH button, and he is given all the options of users who travel from city 1 to city 2.

By clicking on one or another user (the list that appeared as a result of the search) - our user can go to the personal page of the selected user and contact him.

those. it is necessary to make a search system, because there will be a lot of results. This means that you need to display the results in the form of a vertical list, the size of which changes all the time.

Im thinking of a different approach… maybe will help:
Everytime a user will have a route done, you can store it
and save it in a list of validated routes:

when searching,

this way you have the user that used same route as in criteria.
this user can populate then a list of users…
This is only a simplified thing… object can have multiple options to get from…