Scroll Event Listeners

Hi all,
Complete newbie here, but could anyone advise if there are scroll event listeners??
In should I want to implement a lazy load feature to my app, so when you scroll to the bottom of a list of items it automatically pulls the next x-amount into the list. Instead of loading everything at app initialise.

Hope I make sense.

Thanks Thunkers!!

Hey @ukhollywood29l ,

Are you using the data viewer component?

Tested initially with a list viewer just as a quick test.

Hey @domhnallohanlon or anyone else.

Following up on this query. I’m using the data viewer component and I’m looking for a means of implementing a lazy load feature on the component so that when the user scrolls to the bottom of a list it automatically pulls the next set of data.

Is there any listeners on the component so I can trigger an event?

Thanks Thunkers

No there are no listeners.
But IT would be Nice to have.

Does anyone know of a work around?
Currently trying something with data viewer computed height, but early days and seems inconsistent across web view and android.

Custom Data List Viewer Horizontal Scrolling Component maybe this helps

Thanks! I’ll see if I can replicate in my project!
Either way it looks pretty cool!

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