Scroll from end of column and data list viewer

Hello Thunkable team
As you know chatting system shows the messages from botton to top such as whatsapp, telegram and any messaging app. It’s important to view conents from botton because people on this plant are familiar with this system. Also data stored in Airtable and Google sheed as the first value stored at the first record/row.

We don’t have this simple feature (start column or data list viewer from end in design and block sectionin) Thunkable for columns (If Thunkers create chat app with cloning inside scrollable column or with data list viewer) so I strongly want this feature for both components ASAP.

I hope you take my request into consideration.

@arun @jane @wei @domhnallohanlon @Power_Thunkers

Please Thunkers, hit a like to this post if you want this feature.


This can probably be merged with this existing topic: Need html template to write Javascript code to scroll down column to bottom