Scroll does not work in Android but Ios

Scroll does not work in Android but Ios

When trying the STRUL app in IOS and Android the result from a click in the first page result in a Text input box to enable Scrolling - Which works perfect in IOS but not in Android.

Pleaae advice


Hi @stefansladdeneng1, can you DM me the links to your app on iOS and the Play store? I’ll take a look at these and see if we can find something. Thanks!

There you are…
Tried several different Androids via cooleagues at wrok and no - Scroll does not work.
SThis is essensial to my app that gives a snapshot on the situation in the communter traffic and different lines. There is always something going on in the traffic so the scroll is kind of important.

Works perfect in Apple iOS versions

Please Advice @conroy @Thunkable_Staff

best regards

Thanks, @stefansladdeneng1. What’s region(s) would I need to be in to download this?

Oh sorry forgot that
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland


Hi Conroy - just want to check with you if you have any solutions to this yet…
(or ideas what is the probs…)

I am just about to launch big time and The andrioders cannot scroll… :crazy_face:

Thanks in advance,

@stefansladdeneng1 Not yet, but we have submitted this as a bug query. I may reach out via DM soon to get your Thunkable project link if it is requested from our engineering team.

Thank you!