Scrolable vertical row or column

Hello guys how i can make scrollable row or column, user can scroll row or column

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There is already scrollable row and column in Beta. We are waiting for Thunkable to introduce them to production since long

CC: @jared

you mean user can scroll images inside column or row ? Ok and when this beta will be available sir ?

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I just created this demo project with horizontal scroll row (the Beta version). I don’t know if it would work with you but you are welcome to try it

THIS Is really what i need but vertical , how i can find this in my membership account i have business plan but i can not find this “ROW BETA” !

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I inserted a vertical scroll inside the horizontal scroll.

Remix the same project to see the updates.

I don’t know the answer to this.

Just a note:

Vertical scroll was always available from the start. When you add a column to your screen you can switch the scroll property to TRUE. The issue was with the horizontal scrolling which was not easily implemented and even the workaround was too much to do.

I added a standard column in the upper part of the screen and made it scrollable to show that vertical scrolling works with the available column component.


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