Screen start event - causing blank screen [SOLVED]

Hi All,

I keep getting a blank screen when using the start screen event. I’m not sure whether it may be my blocks or if it is a possible bug - I have included screenshots below, but basically users are selecting an item out of the listviewer component on screen 6. I then call the local storage to store the selection from that listviewer and reuse it as the row number when calling data back from airtable by cell,

Does any one know what I’m doing wrong here?


Hi Jacob111,

Between Label3, Label4 and Value, put the “create text with” block to cast to the string type

Hi Agtech, Thanks for your help - I have adjusted as you outlined, but I am still getting the same result - blank white screen any ideas?


I had an empty screen on iOS 11.3 when trying to run an example in documentation with SpreadSheet because there was no connection with AirTable at all. After contacting tech support, I got the job done and the sample from the documentation was working. You can create an example from the documentation and say, does it work?

Does your example work below?


If this example works, then check what is returned by Local Storage in the text box.

If this example does not work the problem with the connection to AirTable

Hi Actech - The sample didn’t work nor produce an error for me. I have had trouble with the connection to Airtable before and it only started working again when I updated the Thunkable Live App, all api key, base id, table name and view name are correct aswell as the fields in the table… I’m not sure what else I could try here?

I deleted the thunkable live app and reinstalled it and it now works - There is definitely a bug somewhere here…

Hi Jacob111,

My example and your example now work? If this is so then it’s good.

hi Actech, yes - but they only work when I use a button as the trigger - still don’t work on screen start trigger

I also use the button. Somehow works reliably. Is it possible to make a delay in the “Screen Start” block in order to initialize? Or split the algorithm into two parts: “Get Local Storage” - in Screen Start, Get Cell - in the external function.

Is this not related to a long transmission of data? I sometimes after the request takes 3 seconds to display the AirTable data in the List Viewer.

Ahh it could be - The timer trigger works thanks actech, that’s a better solution