Screen Orientation bug still exists for Alerts

I noticed some posts from two years ago and earlier re: a screen orientation bug which seemed to have been fixed, except now I’m encountering it again.

Though I have my orientation set on PORTRAIT, when I tilt my phone any alert that is displayed still changes orientation–and then when I dismiss it, the buttons on my screen are disabled and so the application is essentially locked up.

I’m hoping this can be fixed. The app I’m developing makes frequent use of alerts and this bug essentially makes it useless.

Thanks for any help!


Hi @leeristhkfpe4! I’m sorry you’re having issues with your screen orientation. Would you mind DMing me a link to your project so we can look into this further?

Thanks so much!

Hi there! Sure… Thanks for your reply! Should I do that using the “Share” option? Do I include API keys and passwords?

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Here’s a link without the API Keys and Passwords…

I am having the same issue for my project as well. I have to clear storage data for my app and the Thunkable Live app to work again.

Thanks, @leeristhkfpe4, I’m having our team look at this today.

Hi @josh.pilot538, sorry to hear you’re having issues as well. Would you mind DMing a link to your project so we can look into this further?

I’d like to add that my orientation is always portrait, however when I am on the page called “Map” (which contains the map elements) and I get an alert, that’s when my app will crash and I will have to clear storage and re-open the app.

Here is the link for my project.

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Thanks @leeristhkfpe4 and @josh.pilot538, I’ve sent both of your projects over to our engineering team to take a look at this bug and see what they can do. Hoping to have an answer back for you all here soon. Thanks for your patience!

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Just an update here: our engineering team has been able to successfully replicate this error on their end now so they will be moving forward looking for a fix.


@conroy the bug is still there. I think it’s being caused by the maps. I opened up an issue about it last month but then closed it when I thought it was fixed. However it’s definitely not fixed and it’s going on 2 months now of not being able to test or use my app :face_with_diagonal_mouth: