Screen not Scrolling in Live or in Android Build

Hi, building my first app in Thunkable and part of one of the screens I need is a scrollable matrix of buttons. I’ve set the screen to scrollable, and played around with dozens of suggested features but nothign is working. On the live view in browser, the scroll bar appears and I can scroll the page. In the live app version through the Thunkable app, this doesn’t appear and scrolling doesn’t work. This is also not working in the Android build.

Please help!


U must have added a container (horizontal/vertical) for the Matrix?

I recommend for scrolling, is to use a column (for vertical scroll) instead of screen, and set the screen to position everything to the top.

Tell the column to fit contents and set the column to scroll enabled. The screen itself should be scroll disabled.


That’s why I asked him weather he is using Column or not… :smile:

I tried this. Fit Contents doesn’t work for me. Instead, I tried this -
And it worked :wink:

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