Scale The Planets - scale solar system mapper

This is my 2nd app made with Thunkable! It lets you find out how big the Earth would be if the Sun were the size of a baseball, or a basketball, or a taxi cab, or a football field. It’s called Scale The Planets.

You can choose the Sun or one of the planets, choose from preset sizes, or type in a custom size and it will calculate all of the diameters and distances of all the planets. Or you can use the map to set how big you want the solar system to be. Then you can see it all on a Google Map screen so you get an idea how far away the planets really are from each other. For instance, if the Earth is the size of a golf ball, then the sun would be 4.66 meters and would be about 501 meters away.

I used the google maps component along with the Distance Tools extension. One challenge I had was trying to match up markers and circles on the map. I was able find a formula that uses bearing and distance to calculate lat/longs for the markers, but I could only get it to match up with a circle if I went straight north or straight south. I suspect the circle on the flat map screen isn’t a true circle on the globe. But everything else worked great and the build went pretty fast.

If you like space and astronomy you should check it out.