Auto boundaries/zoom

When I open my app my map looks like this

after I zoom/pinch I get the map like I want it to be which is like this: (I want the map to be extended to the markers and centered around the users location) I am having a hard time trying to get the users current location at the send and the closest markers shown
(like the this current picture)

Can someone please help me!!!

My suggestion is to play with the zoom levels with a set of markers that have set distances from a center point.

Then you can match zoom levels so they encompase the desired markers and use this as a reference.

I found these zoom levels to look just fine for a project I did. Mind you, all distancs are in nautical miles buttt you can use this as a starting point

thank you so much because I am just at a lost on how to get these maps consistent and to show properly

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Play with it. Let me know how you get along.

what did you set the nms variable at the end “empty list” or did you just leave it open

and the proper placement for the set would be after my “addMarker” blocks or after the “count with I” blocks?

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