Saving Voting Number To Airtable

I am trying to save the voting tally to airtable and keep it updated based on when people open the screen. Although this will be in Data Listing, is this possible.

So what I’m trying to do when the Data List Opens the voting number will be updated and when the user press the voting button the counter will change and replace that specific number back to airtable.

I know I didn’t do this correctly, here is where I am at currently:

i think you are using Thunkable Classic i am not sure if its allowed so i am changing topic’s category to #classic-archive

no I’m using Thunkable X Pro

well you just edited the post

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Hi there,

I think the easiest thing you could do is use a cloud variable to count your votes instead. You update a single variable, and then you are done! As Cloud variables are connected to your Firebase Realtime DB, the most recent value will always be called for all users of your app.

If you want to use Airtable, I would recommend working with it as a Data Source. You can update the cell value directly with Data Source blocks, which might be easier in your app.