Saving variables on other screens

Hello everyone, I’m creating an app where you take a quiz and if you answer all questions correctly you earn a badge, and I was wondering how can I have the badges the user earns be saved on another screen, and when they exit the app and then return, the badge is still saved on the screen.
Thanks in advance!

You have three options for saving data and having it available when you re-launch the app:

  1. Save values in stored variables.
  2. Save the values in a local data source.
  3. Save values in cloud-based storage such as Google Sheets, Airtable or Firebase.

You can Google any of those options and include the search term Thunkable to find documentation and tutorial videos to help you get started.

Use option #1 if you only have a few badges to store info about. Stored variables get annoying when you have a ton of them in a project.

Use option #2 if you want an easy and quick way to store badge info for a single user on each device. This is what I would recommend.

Use option #3 if you need to store data for multiple users and/or you need a cloud-based backup of the data on the device.

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