Saving data in local storage

Hi all!

In my app, I need to save a number that a label is changed to, so that when the user leaves and re-enters the app, they number is still the same, instead of being reset to 0. And also the same but with words in a list

More specifically, in this app, the user is presented with the option to set a goal for how many books they want to read, and their progress starts at ‘0’, but when they enter the title of a book, for each book, they progress increases by 1. This is on a label. The book titles then appear at the bottom on the screen in a list. I need the progress number and book titles to be saved in local storage.

Here is the link to my app (apologies for it being a bit messy at the moment, its still a work in progress):

Thanks for any help you’re able to provide :slight_smile:

hey @16josephsrgz - have you considered using a stored variable for this?