[Solved] Stored Variable problems

I’m making an app that allows the user to scan a book’s ISBN. If the person has read the book, they can save the book to their personal book list. Here are the blocks I use to store the the book to the book list and display the booklist:

My issue is, the list is not persistent. When I exit the program (both in Thunkable Live and in Android) and re-enter the program to view the list, the list is empty.

I want this app to be able to store an individual’s list for later review. I’ve had similar issues of no persistence with the Local DB method, and can’t figure out how to do this in Local Storage. Any help would be appreciated!

Thanks for the help, Doug.

Just tested this on iOS, same results…no persistence.

On your picture, I do not see the block, by which the list must stored.

Here’s where I’m at now:

I add a row to the local db. When someone wants to view the list, I load the local db into a temporary list “templist” and load that into the viewer.

My problem is that when I close the app and reopen it, the data that was stored in the local db disappears.



Local DB can not save data. To save data locally, use a global variable of type storage

In my opinion the Local DB has only one advantage - it is faster than the block variable app. For this reason, I would use the Local DB for data transfer between screens. Using it as a data table - this extra component without which can be easily dispensed.

Thanks for the help. I tried using a global variable of the type storage to save the list. Same problem, the data isn’t there when I reopen the app


On your images list stored in a variable of type app. App-variables can not store data between sessions. You need to use stored-variable


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Ha! Yep, messed that up. It’s all working now! thanks for the help!