Saving and retrieving list data from Realtime DB issue

Hi, All. I’m having a slight problem getting my data from a DB. I have 3 listviews. When you click a button (1 of 3) The appropriate listview is visible and any data from a text input box is added to that listview. When I exit the screen, the data is saved in the db in the field for that listview. My issue is, I need to display the data in each listview when the screen opens again. This is not happening. It is being saved but not displayed. Here are my blocks. Any suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated.

@bobbyj12 did you try using the opens event rather than the starts one to relaod/recall your data?

to piggyback off @domhnallohanlon, you may want to consider nesting your consecutive calls to the realtime DB if one relies on anything in the prior.

did you ever get this working? If so, could you show us the solution! :slight_smile:

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