Cant get a list from Realtime DB

Hello! In my app, I’m trying to get a list from realtime DB. I used these blocks. At first, It worked perfectly fine, but then it stopped. When I check the list with “labelforchecking”, it returns “[object Object]”. How can I change it?forask forask2

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It means you are retrieving an object or a list. Use the block get JSON from object to convert it to text and show it in the label.

It returns this data. How can I retrieve every object separately? I’m new to this concept, so I have no idea how to do it( Thank you in advance!

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See this from your data

Please note that I started with the JSON format and therefore had to convert it to object to be able to use it. For you it is already in object form and you do not need these steps


Thank you so much!

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