Robocalling text to speech bilingual option app

Hi all,
Looking to design a translation phone app that allows the user to set-up robocalling, format to copy and paste or type a message, that sends the text to speech, with choice of vocal style recording, the app would allow set of option menus for the person receiving the call to respond by choosing their language preference, in addition, to provide a keystroke menu option to respond by voice, text or email on their phone through their chosen native language and choice of translation language to receive.
Does Thunkable currently have this type of AI capability?
Thank you.

Hey @tech_teacher, welcome to the community.I don’t understand what robocalling

I have to be honest that the word “robocalling” brings up all kinds of negative connotations for me. So I’m curious… why a robocalling app? Are you distributing assignments that way?

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