Returning Objects/Lists from Functions

Hi guys,

I’ve searched the forum and not found anything exactly like this…

In the following example, I cannot return an object from the function, but I can return a list.

Is this a bug? It seems like a bug. (I’ll be happy to report it, but I just want to check first.)


Screenshot for anyone who doesn’t want to open the project…

Directly can’t, but through a variable


or this




Thanks for the workaround @actech, but I still think it’s a bug.

I agree. You can write to developers about this bug -

BTW, The bug looks to be slightly more complicated than just returning an object from a function. For example, in your repro app if you just have your function return 'get object from JSON [from Text_Input1 get Text]', then it will work correctly.


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Thanks for looking into it Mark!

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