Restaurant suggestion app results crashes

The restaurant suggestion app that i did on using yelp databsase following the video tutorial on thunkables restaurant sugesstion app youtube tutorial crashes at the end result . It dosent show the restaurant images that was supposed to be extracted from yelp website . Can someone help me out here , Thank you . The link to my project is here

Hi @skandes09v9l,

I had a look at your blocks and I see some errors… could you please clear them up and then we can go on? First of all you have to check the “error” of the location sensor, otherwise your app crashes, when location is disabled and you try to use latitude/longitude. You should assume that other users (your app should be used by other users, right?) may have disabled location services, even if it does not make sense.

Second, this is your block:

  • you should write “longitude”, not with a double-T
  • you should not have a fixed value inside it like “&latitude=2.277376”. It should be “&latitude=” only.
  • the price is written with a comma, is this right? Is this a range? Otherwise if you mean “20 euros 30cents” you mabe should use a point like “&price=20.30”.


@skandes09v9l, oh, and try to avoid giving away the project with the Api-key inside. I am not going to steal it, but it is written inside your project. If you would like to have others see your app, just make a copy and delete all information that is worth being kept secretly.