Restaurant review, ratings app

Hi, Thunkable community members,
I have a question and I am asking for some help.
Today I was talking to some friends about restaurants, food, what to eat where, and if it was good.
This is when I got the idea to create an app for it and maybe share it among friends.
So we can exchange reviews about the different restaurants.
Because I am still new to Thunkable, I would like to know if someone maybe know of some video tutorials in which people are creating a similar thing.
Once I have some idea about how it works, I then maybe can change it to what I am looking for.
It would be nice if I could keep track of the following things,
Name of the restaurant, Address, place, what kind of food they serve, what the prices could be on certain days (for the all-you-can-eat restaurants), a rating, and their thoughts of the restaurant and food, and maybe a link to the website of the restaurant.
If you know of any video tutorials, YouTube channels, or whatever, if you could share this with me, then I would be very happy.
Many thanks in advance for all your tips and links :slight_smile:

There is a wonderful demo of this exact type of App built by our friends at No Code Devs. Here is part 1:

Part 2 is here:

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I will have a look at tit :slight_smile:

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