Restaurant Order App


My latest app is a little utility app for a small restaurant.

Download link: Restaurant Order App on Google Play
Video: Restaurant Order App on Youtube

Regards Bo


Great Job! It’s a cool app!

I would recommend making a application icon though.

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It is a great job, indeed.
I don’t understand it’s use, though… So, after you filled up your requested menus per tables, what happens from there?


Great Job, Very nice app.


Nice app!
I didnt believe it was possible, but I guess you learn something new every day :smile:


Hi. The use is very simple. As a waiter you can log the guests orders for each table and with no fixed number of people - go to the kitchen and hand over the orders. The extended version would be with an online database so you could log on one device and read on another.
My goal with this one was to get the log and customable function up running. So in update menu you can write your own menu which is stored on the devices db.

Thanks for the comments - yes I have to make a nice icon (and work on the extended version :slight_smile:

I’ve made an app icon for my app. Thanks to Tysonseable for the suggestion :slight_smile:


It looks great! :slight_smile:

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This is wonderful - we love seeing apps for businesses. Is there a specific restaurant that will try this app out?


Thanks. No, but I made it because a little time ago someone on the internet asked me if I could make an app with this kind of functionality. So I wanted to try to see if I could make it generic so it can fit any small restaurant with some simple needs :slight_smile:

The goal is to make it with a databaseconnection, so you can exchange the orders. As it functions now you’ll have to pass the orders mouth to mouth, and the app will serve as an extended notepad where you can register your own menu.
And I agree - it’s nice to think business into app-funtionality. If we can build tools for business and startups with this great tool: AI and Thunkable, we can make a difference. I my self have had great use of App Inventor with the possibility to build quick and dirty ideas.

I’ve great respect for your move with Thunkable - I think the team and your design with the website, the community and the webinterface is awesome!