An app to digitalize your restaurant's menu

Hi everyone,

finally we published our first app…SAPore QR digital menu!

Our journey on Thunkable started with the COVID pandemic.

During the lockdown, we figured out the amount of time that we were flushing down the toilet and that could be used instead to do something meaningful.

Therefore we decided to give life to one of those ideas that were put away years ago because “we were too busy”.

Developing that idea many others came along until SAPore was born.

We decided to create this app to ease the work of all those restaurant owners that want to modernize their activities and that in these challenging times have to face economical crisis and more stringent rules on how to do their job.

SAPore allows these professionals to comply with the last COVID regulations by transforming their menu in a QR code in few steps:

  • Subscribe
  • Take or Upload a photo
  • Generate your QR code
  • Share it or Print it

Nothing of this would have ever been possible without the help of the wonderful Thunkable staff and all the Thunkers that spent a minute of their time to give advice.

@domhnallohanlon @eoinparkinson @actech @jane @sirfrancisdrake @jared @darren

it is to you that our deepest thanks go.

Here the links for downloading the app:
Apple Store: ‎SAPore QR Digital Menu su App Store
Play Store:

If you liked the idea or have some suggestions please let us know!

Thank you all, again



please give me link to remix

This is great @wikilinks.infooleua0. I only speak English so I find this a bit tricky to understand :smile:. Nonetheless, looking at it from a design point of view it looks great. I really like your logo too. The app is very clean.

If any, what are your plans for future updates?

Also thanks for sharing this, and all the best with this app!

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it’s a private project so there’s no link available for remixing it.

If you want i can give you the links of the public apps that are similar to mine.


Thanks for the feedback!

The app is only in italian yes, but if we see spots for foreign markets we’ll translate it for sure!

There will not be updates of this specific apps ( except for little extra features or languages ), nevertheless we’ll publish other apps similar to this one to ease the work of restaurant owners that want to modernise their businesses!!

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could you?

great work @wikilinks.infooleua0 - very impressive idea and execution.

You should consider entering our summer hackathon, I think this app would definitely meet the entry cirteria!

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Thank you for the feedback Dom!

I was thinking about it,
since the app is already on App Store and Playstore should i shift it from Private to public ? or I can Participate as it is ?

thank you again!

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