Rest api (post)


I have this one part that has been keeping me up. I am trying to post using the Web API component and I keep missing the body. My blocks are as below. Any help will go a long way to unstuck me. I need to understand why It can’t see the body. What am I doing wrong?

Does this exact setting configuration work in postman?

I am not sure I understand the question

Try getting your config set here.

Make sure it works

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Hey @jared I am not sure I follow could you kindly illustrate.

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Sorry I can’t illustrate that for you

What I meant was using a service like postman or PostWoman to get your settings correct. These will also allow you to figure out if/what settings you need for your header

I am not sure how to use Postman/Postwoman, never used it before. I know I am doing something wrong all I need is someone to point it out.