[Resolved] Sound works in web preview but not on device (iOS) [Aug 2022]

I realize there are a lot of other threads relating to this issue but some of them are marked solved but apparently this is still an issue so I wanted to throw this out there to see if anyone had a true solution to the problem.

I am having problems with any block that attempts to use speech/sound to play. They all work in the web preview but when run on my iPhone no luck.

I use the play sound block with an mp3 file with no spaces in the name as well as the speech block with text.

I am a teacher trying to use Thunkable in class and if I can’t get consistency between the web preview and how the apps run on physical devices I am dead in the water.

Any suggestions/help will be appreciated.


FYI - I am on the latest release of the Thunkable app.

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Hi @mdaughertytee0h :wave:

Can you share a block example of what you’re doing?

Any chance you can share a minimal reproducible example? That would help us pinpoint the issue faster.

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Here are the blocks used. The “say” block is another that I cannot get to work and I included it outside of the event handler for reference. I know there is a long history with this problem so I am hopeful that there’s a solution out there!

Additional piece of info… I also tried this with a change to the name of the mp3 file so that it didn’t contain an underscore. This was listed as a possible solution in a different thread and it did not solve the issue.

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Hey :wave: @mdaughertytee0h

Circling back here. Did you have a chance to create a minimal example that I can review. Having a hard time reproducing this on my side.

If you share that I’ll take a look asap.

Here’s a link to my project. Everything works in web preview but not when testing on iOS.

in the text section, there is a blank block, drag it and put it in the sound name and inside it write the sound file name including .mp3

this might work

Got it figured out thanks to Weihua Li over at Thunkable. If you have vibrate on (in settings) for some reason the sound will not play. Turn vibrate off and BAM you are good to go. This is obviously not “perfect” but it’s great to at least get it working and a big shout out to the Thunkable staff who are clearly working to help out the Thunkable community!

One disclaimer is that I only tested the version playing the MP3 and haven’t yet tested the standard speech component.