[Resolved] Issues while using Toggle Drawer Menu block

@jared , any news about it ? Still waiting to be able to publish my updates without these new crashes :melting_face:
Thank you for your time :innocent:

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Hello all!
I’m happy to announce that our fix has been pushed out to the live production environment. That means that when you add a block in the builder and you use it in the companion app where I downloaded app it should work.

One caveat to this is that android hasn’t actually approve the build for us yet so it’s not released yet. It is being reviewed by android and it should be released by Monday it’s just not ready yet. That said Apple turned around very quickly for us and they approved our newest version of the companion app. I tested it this morning on my iPhone and found that everything was working perfectly. I also tested out the android version on my test device which also performed perfectly!

In addition to this groups have a new feature! You know that annoying thing that happens when you click on an item that’s in a group and it makes everything kind of grout? That doesn’t have to happen anymore because groups and I have a new property called touch opacity.

Play around with it to get the right field for any group that you use in your project! Stay tuned for exciting new updates coming soon

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I was really wondering why I didn’t hear anything from you about the problem. Now I know. You wanted to announce the solution directly :hugs:
Well done… Can’t wait to see it on LiveTest. I trust you when you say it is solved tho :innocent:


@jared , whats the version of Thunkable to look for with the fix ?
Downloaded as .apk (to test my app before updated LiveTest will be on Store) and still crashes, so my thought is that i still have in cache a Thunkable broken. Did a hard refresh and now it shows Thunkable Inc. Version v308-43-prod
Is this the one to try again to download .apk to test ?

Later Edit after hard refresh and downloading .apk again, it seems that block works on the page i did hard refresh, but crashes on other pages from my app… I will just do hard refresh on any page then after that I’ll try again :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Final edit Yes, it is working after I hard refresh all the Thunkable project block pages that use that call screen`s ToggleDrawerMenu
Thank you @Thunkable_Staff for the fix :blush:


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